How to increase internet speed in android phone

This post will help you to increase internet speed in android phone if you are facing problems like slow internet speed,slow downloading speed in android phones.The internet speed in android phones depends on the signal strength ,maximum internet speed which can be attained by your android phone and internet speed  provided by your ISP.
increase internet speed in android phone

Set data prefer in settings

This is the first step we need to do inorder to increase internet speed in android phone.Go to settings >Wireless & networks and go to option GPRS transfer prefer and change the settings to ‘data prefer’ instead of ‘call prefer’. Setting to data prefer will increase the data transmittion rate which will help to increase internet speed android phone

Use UC browser or opera mini

I get more speed in my android phone when i use uc web browser when compared to other web browsers.Opera mini is also a good option.

Move to 3g network or wcdma network

Moving to 3g network is also a good option to increase internet speed in android phone.You can set 3g network even if you are using a 2g sim and 2g internet pack .When i switch my network with 2g internet pack to 3g network i.e from edge to wcdma network,i get a slight increase in speed which is higher than usual 2g speed and also download rate keep constant without declining.
To move to 3g or wcdmca network.Activate 3 g in your phone and go to settings > wireless and network > mobile networks > enable 3g .Note you can use this network for 2g internet pack also.
To select wcdma mode ,in network mode select ‘wcdma only‘ and this will help to prevent the network from connecting to edge and getting speed of ¬†edge.

Prevent android application from accessing internet

One of the reason for slow internet speed in android phone is that when data connection is activated , some applications (eg:-gmail app )will start accessing internet in back ground. This will reduce the internet speed in browsing and downloading.
There are applications in android market which will prevent these apps from getting access to internet automatically when data connection is activated.Download task manager application and stop applications that running in background that may access to internet.

Applications to prevent android apps from getting access to internet

Droid wall is an android to prevent apps from getting access to internet automatically.To install droid wall,your phone needs to be rooted.Download droid wall
LBE security is another such application.This also need your phone to be rooted.You can download it from this from google play

Increase network signal strength

The main factor which depends on internet speed in android is the network signal strength your region have.If you does not have good network signal in your area,call your customer care and tell about your problem that your are have poor network signal and about slow internet speed and they may help you.If your problem not solved ,then move to a new service provider that provides better network strength
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Android apps to increase network signal

There are some andorid app which increase the strenght of network signal.
Network Signal Speed Booster
Network Speed Booster
Android Network 3G WiFi Boost
Signal Booster for Android
Network Signal Booster Deluxe

Use app to increase internet speed in android phone

There are many android app available in android market which boost or increase your internet speed in android phones.Some of the such android apps are listed below

Boost Internet Speed
Fast Internet Speed Booster
Internet Connection Booster
Internet Booster
Super Internet Booster ++ FREE
Internet Accelerator BOOSTER
There are many applications to increase the internet speed.The above list is the application which have feed back score above 4 out of 5

They above methods can used to increase internet speed in android phone like samsung galaxy android phones,HTC android phones ,sony experia ,Micromax android phones etc

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