How to connect to internet in tablet pc using 3g usb doggle

Most of the tablet pc have the feature to connect to 3g internet using usb doggle.But in most cases,the tablet will not able to detect the 3g usb doggle due to missing drivers or default settings which prevents it from detecting in a tablet.Most of the usb modems will be configured to get detected in pc only.So we need to change some settings and make it detectable in tablet pc.
This technique can be used to make usb modems like hauwei detectable in tablet pc.Since most of the network providers like idea netsetter,airtel,relaince netconnect,docomo use hauwei modem,this can be used to all 3g providers in india.

Step:1 Make 3g usb modem detectable in tablet (using pc)

    Note:- This steps need to be done only when your tablet is not able  to detect the modem.If modem is detecting,skip to step 2

  • First connect your usb modem to your pc and wait till it install it get detected and the modem driver get installed.
  • Now  right click my computer and click manage and then select device manager.
  • In port(com and LPT)section,usb modem will be listed,note the port number corresponding to your Hauwei USB modem (eg:-COM 3).
    connecting internet in tablet pc
  • Now install tera term software in your pc and connect your usb 3g modem to pc.You can download tera term from here
  • Open teraterm software.It will have two windows – one for selecting port and other for typing commands.
    connect internet in tablet pc using 3g usb modem
    connect internet in tablet pc using 3g usb modem
  • In first window,there will be two options – TCP/IP & serial.Choose the serial option by checking the box corresponding to serial option.
  • In serial option,select port as the port number corresponding to your 3g usb modem driver.If 3g modem is installed in com 3 ,select it from the list.
  • Now in the windows with black screen,type at^u2diag=0 or at^u2diag=256 and press Enter .This command will prevent the tablet from detecting the 3g usb modem as a drive(it will deactivate the memory drive in modem) and will detect as  a modem

If you want to regain the memory drive,then type in at^u2diag=255

Step-:2 Connecting your usb modem to tablet for internet

  • After making the usb modem detectable by deactivating the memory drive,connect the usb modem to tablet and wait till the light in usb modem starts blinking.
  • Now go to settings>>wireless networks>>mobile networks>>Access point names and type in the access point name of your service provider and save it and make it as default.Then edit access number corresponding to your 3g provider.I have listed acces point name and  number of some network providers in india below
    connect to internet in tablet pc using usb modem
    Access point name – internet
    number – *99#
    Access point name –
    number – *99#
    Access point name – rcomwap
    number – *777#
    Access point name – tata.docomo.internet

This steps will help you to make 3g usb modem detectable in your tablet pc.If you still face problem in connecting your tablet pc to internet using usb modem post it as comments.

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