In china mobile  pc suite, there is no option to connect to internet automatically .So we need to manually connect to internet in windows using china mobile.There is no need of a  pc suite  for connecting internet in pc using china mobile.You only need to know how to create a wireless connection in windows xp.So in this article,i am explaining how we can create internet connection successfully using china mobile.
To create connection successfully,we need to follow three steps
First step is to install modem driver
Second step is to create a new modem
Third is to create a Dial up connection.

Now lets check how to do this three steps in detail.


This step is the most important step. First thing you need to do is to know which modem driver you need to install.For that you need to know which is model of your device.Device  model is not the model name of your phone like Gfive M6 etc its the name of your phones processor.Most of the china mobile processor is made by mediatek processor.The model number will start with ‘MT’.Examples for model number is MT6225, MT6229 ,MT62230 etc.Download the modem driver corresponding to your model.
How to find model number
First connect your phone in a windows xp PC and choose com port among the options shown in phone. Then go to control panel >> device manager.In other device section,your modem model name will be shown.If model number is MT6225,it will be shown as MT6225 device.It will be also shown when your phone is connected for first time in your xp pc.The model number will not be shown in window 7 or vista.It will ne shown as unknown device in winows 7.Or you can search in internet for your phones modem model number.
Installing modem
After downloading the correct modem driver,unzip it and stored in a folder.Now connect your phone in windows xp /7 and your phone will three options.Mass storage,comport,webcam.Select com port.
Now in windows 7/xp ,go to control panel >> device manager  >> other device.Your phone will be shown as unknown device there (in windows 7)  or your phones model like Mt6225 (in windows xp).Right click on it and select update driver.A window will be open asking for choosing drive, select place where your modem driver is stored and click next.If your modem driver and phone model matches,it will get installed.
Note the com port
After installing the modem,your device will  be shown in PORT(COM &LPT) section in device manager with name and a port number.We need this port number to do next step.For example,if it is Mt6225(com3).Then note com 3,we need this port number.

china mobile connect internet in pc


For creating a new modem,In windows 7,Go to Device and printers.Your phone device name will shown there .Right click on the phone device and click modem setting.
A page called phone and modem option will open.
In windows xp,go to control panel >> networks and open phone and modem option
In phone and modem option,click modem tab on top and click ‘Add‘ to create a modem.

china mobile internet in windows

A hardware wizard will be displayed .In that window,check the box, ‘Dont detect,i will choose it from list’ and click next

china mobile internet modem selection

Now a list of modem will be shown.From the list select 33600bps modem and click next

china mobile internet modem selection

Now a new window will open asking to select the com port.Check the box ‘selected ports’ and select the port number which you have installed the modem driver

After selecting port click next and click finish .Now we need to create internet dial up connection on this 33600bps modem


Go to control panel >> network and internet connection and click connect to internet or create a new connection.
A list of modem will be shown. Among the modem,select 33600bps modem and click next

Next step is to select which method for connecting.Choose it as dial up modem .
In next page,give phone number as *99#  ,leave username and password ‘blank‘ and save the settings.And connect.
Note :- You must  activate gprs  in your phone and gprs settings in your phone settings should be correct inorder to get connected.

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