china mobile usb modem driver download and installation

Inorder to connect china mobile  pc suite with china mobile  phone we need to install modem driver for .We will not be able to connect to pc suite with phone without installing modem drivers.So before installing pc suite it is important to find the modem driver for your china  phone model and  install it successfully.
How to know the modem driver model of your phone.
Most of the china mobile processor is made of mediatek processor.The modem model number will start with word ‘MT‘.For example MT6225.MT6226 etc.
The modem driver model number will be shown in desktop windows xp when we connect our phone for the first time and select com port.
Or connect your phone in pc via usb and select comport from the options shown in mobile.Now go to control panel >> device manager.There will an option called other devices in device manager.Your phones model will be shown there.For example,If your modem model number is MT6225,It will be shown as MT6225 Device.
After finding your phones model,Download the modem driver from here and unzip it and save it in a folder.

Go to control panel >> device manager.You can also open device manger directly by right clicking Mycomputer and click Manage.
In device manager ,select your phone model,right click and click update driver.A wizard will start with two option.Select the ‘ will find modem driver manually‘ and select the folder which you have stored modem driver and click next.
After installing we can connect internet in pc using china mobile and also connect pc suite with china mobile.You need to give the comport number in pc suite setting to connect pc suite with china mobile.
From the fig below, we can see the port number and modem driver name.Give that com port number in pc suite for connecting to your china mobile.
china mobile modem driver downloads

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