How to unlock forget pattern in all android phones – samsung galaxy,micromax,lg,htc andorid phones etc

If you forget your unlock pattern for your android phones like samsung galxy,micromax a 50,lg optimus,htc andorid phones etc you can easily unlock the pattern by using your google accounts or deleting the flash in factory mode.  We all set patterns in andriod phones and in some cases we will forget the pattern and will not be able to unlock our phone .This article will help you to unlock patterns in all android phones if you forget the pattern.
unlock forget pattern in all android phones

Unlocking forget password in android phone using google accounts

This is the first and easy method that you need to try to unlock android phones if you forget pattern.Enter some random password for more than five times and phone will show the message ‘too many wrong pattern and login with google account’.You must need a gmail account linked to your android phone inorder to use this method.Enter your gmail id and password and login and in 99% cases your phone will be unlocked.

Unlock forget pattern in android phone by clearing flash

This method can be used when you cannot unlock your phone pattern lock with your google accounts.If you try to login using too many wrong pattern ,even if you enter your google account email id and password,phone will not get unlock and it will still show a message ‘too many wrong pattern’. This method works 100% but phone will reset to factory mode i.e you will lose all your files stored in your internal phone memory.All application you installed will be lossed if you use this method.You will not lose any files from external memory or sd card

Steps to delete flash in android phone

  • switch off your phone
  • Now press power button and volume button together
  • Phone will enter factory mode and you will see many options like reboot,clear flash etc.
  • Move down to clear flash option using volume down button
  • Select the clear flash option by pressing the home button to select it

On pressing clear flash,the phone will reset and reboot and phone will not show the pattern unlock as everything is reset to factory mode.This method works 100 % and can be used to unlock forget pattern for all android phones including samsung galaxy y,micromax android phones,htc android phones,lg optimus etc

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